Marlor-Maki Property Management

Why Choose Marlor-Maki Property Management

Marlor-Maki Property Management offers a team approach to tackling the day to day trials and tribulations involved in managing social housing. Our staff has a wide variety of skills, backgrounds and experience to draw on. MMPM is committed to improving and giving our clients the best possible service and advice. 

How Often will the firm be on site? Our on-site office hours are stipulated in our contract and are agreed mutually between MMPM and the Board of Directors based on the needs. The primary Property manager as well as other members of the team will be working on your workload on-site and off-site. Issues often have the input of several opinions and experiences. 

What is included in the fee? The proposed contract specifies what type of disbursements and services are included in the base fee and what are considered additional fees.

Marlor-Maki Property Management’s fee structure is typically based upon a full service contract and is payable on a monthly basis.

How often does the firm formally report to the Board? Marlor-Maki Property Management regularly has two staff members attend board meetings. Formal written reports and financial reports are prepared for the board packages and distributed before the meeting.

What are the educational and professional qualifications of the staff? Marlor-Maki Property Management has developed quite a varied and extensive “team”. We enjoy the perfect mix of seasoned staff (some with over 20 years of experience) and ‘newbies’ to keep us open to new ideas, techniques and procedures. Three (3) current staff members are working on achieving their IHM (Institute of Housing Management) accreditation. All staff is dedicated to attending workshops, taking online courses and reading materials to keep them up to date on changes in the housing sector.