So, what is our approach?

Marlor-Maki Property Management believes that the way to manage a housing project properly, you need to be a jack of all trades. It is next to impossible for one person to know about all aspects. The solution is to have a team where different people specialize in different areas. This approach begins within the firm itself, then stems out between Marlor-Maki Property Management and the Board of Directors and continues to grow until it reaches the tenants and/or members.

Marlor-Maki Property Management fully appreciates and values the role of the Board of Directors and operates only to assist the Board in ensuring successful management. Our firm treats each client as a unique identity and our services are designated to meet all of our clients' varying needs and expectations. Marlor-Maki Property Management has a professional team that continues to grow and diversify.

Now, to answer some frequently asked questions…